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Excited for our event next week — a mixer and workshop (with giveaways!) with B&H and Whalar. Lots of opportunities for content and connecting. Hope to see you there! 

Also, some new event updates below! Let’s get into it.

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Creators and marketers and brands, oh my!

I’m headed to The Influencer Marketing Show that’s is taking place in NYC June 3-4! A day-and-a-half conference filled with tons of connections and learnings. Great opportunity to meet the smartest brands, creators, agencies, and tech that drive the creator economy forward.

I’m also moderating a panel there focused on where influencer marketing fits in the media mix, which should be a fun and spicy convo!

AND just for our community — get $50 off on tickets to the conference with the promo code CENYC50. Hope to see you there.


What NYC creators are reading (and talking about)

This week, I wanted to spotlight a few thought-provoking pieces of content that I believe are worthwhile for you to dive into this weekend. Let’s check ‘em out.

“Hank Green Unpacks YouTube's Biggest Problems” from Colin & Samir

Overview: In this Colin & Samir episode, Hank Green candidly shares his takes on various aspects of the industry. Their convo covers topics such as the future of the creator economy, the role of creators, and the evolving landscape of content creation.


  1. Future of the creator economy:

    • Hank discusses the rapid changes in digital media, predicting more personalized and niche content catering to specific audiences.

    • The role of AI and other tech in shaping how content is created and consumed.

  2. Role of creators:

    • Creators are not just content makers but also entrepreneurs who manage their own brands, merchandise, and business ventures.

    • Emphasis on the importance of building a strong, engaged community rather than just focusing on subscriber numbers.

  3. Monetization and revenue streams:

    • Creators need to diversify their revenue streams beyond ad revenue, such as through merchandise, Patreon, and brand partnerships.

    • The importance of creating sustainable business models that do not solely rely on fluctuating ad revenues.

  4. Challenges in the creator economy:

    • The risks associated with heavy dependence on a single platform and the need for creators to have a presence across multiple platforms.

    • The impact of constant content creation on mental health and the need for creators to find a balance.

  5. The evolution of content:

    • The ongoing debate about the importance of producing high-quality content versus a high quantity of content.

    • How audience expectations are changing, with viewers seeking more authentic and relatable content.

Takeaways: I found this episode incredibly insightful, and Hank Green always has a way of piecing thoughts together nicely. His perspectives provide a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the creator economy, making it a must-listen for creators, marketers, and operators alike.

“Everyone’s a Sellout Now” by Rebecca Jennings

Overview: This article by Rebecca Jennings from Vox explores the pervasive necessity of personal branding today, particularly for creators. The article dives into how the rise of social media has forced creators to become marketers to succeed.


  • The pressure on all professionals, including artists and creators, to build and maintain a personal brand.

  • How corporate consolidation and streaming services have diminished traditional revenue sources for artists.

  • The shift from artistic creation to constant self-promotion on platforms like TikTok.

  • The increasing entrepreneurial mindset among young people due to economic precarity.

  • The impact of social media on professional criticism and the rise of influencer-driven content.

Takeaways: Rebecca always writes killer essays on the creator economy and internet culture. Her article here provides a critical look at the intersection of art, commerce, and digital culture, offering valuable insights into the pressures faced by modern creators and the evolving nature of “artistic success.”

“First-Gen Social Media Users Have Nowhere to Go” by Jason Parham

Overview: This article by Jason Parham from Wired discusses the decline of traditional social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, highlighting the sense of disillusionment among millennial users who were early adopters of these platforms.


  1. Millennials are increasingly abandoning platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook due to issues like ads, misinformation, and privacy concerns.

  2. Social media is less about genuine connection and more about maintaining appearances and transactional interactions.

  3. Many first-gen users experience burnout and a decrease in overall social media consumption.

  4. Emerging platforms like Mastodon, Spill, Bluesky, and Threads fail to capture the same cultural impact as their predecessors.

Takeaways: I always enjoy articles from Wired, and this one from Jason shares a solid take on the evolving dynamics of social media usage and its implications for digital communication and community building, particularly for those interested in social media's cultural impact.


We have a few sponsorship slots open for our upcoming events, so if you are interested in getting your brand involved, please reach out here.

Content Creation Workshop and Mixer - May 21, 6:30PM-9:30PM

Join us for an exclusive Content Creation Workshop and Mixer next week on May 21st focused on "Leveling Up Your Production," where you'll have the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and learn with others in our community.

After the workshop, you’ll get hands-on with gadgets available for you to test and create content with — plus two big giveaways. You could be the lucky winner of a $100 B&H Gift Card or a Sennheiser mobile mic kit ($200 value).

Expect food and bevs! A special shoutout to Whalar for their continued partnership and support. RSVP to secure your spot.

We’re excited to partner with beehiiv (the ultimate newsletter platform, who just raised a $33M Series B) for an awesome event during NY #TechWeek.

Kickstart your day with enriching insights and convos over a taste of New York with bagels, coffee and mimosas alongside fellow leading content creators, digital media experts, founders, marketers and investors.

Featuring an esteemed lineup of panelists: Kaya Yurieff (Lead Creator Economy Reporter at The Information), Alex Lieberman (CoFounder & Chairman at Morning Brew), and Preeya Goenka (COO at Beehiiv).

Space is filling up FAST for this, but priority is given to our community — so RSVP to secure your spot. Just put CENYC in the “how did you hear about this event?” question.

NEW: Creator Economy NYC Takes VidCon - June 26, 4:00PM-7:00PM

Heading to VidCon this June? We’ll be there!

We’re hosting an awesome gathering alongside our friends at Passionfruit, Teachable, and others bringing together creators, marketers, brands, and media people. More details to follow!

We’re excited to partner with Creator Economy Live for an exclusive summer mixer and live podcast recording at the Mariott Marquis in the heart of NYC. RSVP early to secure your spot.



  • Conference: Connect with fellow influencer marketers, creators, and brands at the Influencer Marketing Show, which will take place HERE in NYC June 3-4. Save $50 with the promo code CENYC50. I’ll be moderating a panel there — come hang!

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