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Over the weekend, another social app popped up called “Airchat,” and it’s taken over my life. This time, though, I think it’s here to stay. If you’re on there, give me a follow!

I shared my thoughts on the app with Sydney Bradley from Business Insider, which you can check out here! But here’s the only quote you need to see:

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I have some news!

I’m thrilled to share that I’m working with Kickstarter, consulting as their first Head of Content Creators. 

How it happened - Kickstarter x Creator Economy NYC

I met Jon Leland, Kickstarter's Chief Strategy Officer, at our very own Creator Economy NYC event in September.

As a long-time admirer of Kickstarter — where products like Oculus, Peloton, and one of my favorite watch brands launched — I was excited to meet Jon. I later learned he was there to gain insights from our panel as he was exploring ways for Kickstarter to lean more into the creator economy.

Kickstarter intrigued me from a creator economy standpoint because they are basically the “OG’s” in the creator world. Their mission is literally to "help bring creative projects to life." It’s THE place where creators come together with their communities to make new things. And that, to me, is the essence of the creator economy.

After the event, Jon and I stayed in touch. And in November, I left my previous job, eager to move into something new… something bigger and bolder. Kickstarter, a NYC-based brand I had grown up with and that has catalyzed so many creators' ideas, was the place I wanted to be.

What excites me about Kickstarter in 2024

We’re in an era where the creator economy is booming, but content creators are at a crossroads.

The digital age has presented them with powerful platforms to reach audiences worldwide, yet face significant challenges, including:

  • Volatility of ad revenue.

  • Unpredictable monetization models.

  • The need for more stable, long-term financial growth.

Consequently, creators are increasingly looking to launch unique products and experiences as a way to build sustainable businesses, forge lasting careers, and deepen connections with their audience.

But there’s a catch: all these require capital.

Traditional funding routes — bootstrapping, securing loans, and giving up equity — often mean losing control and flexibility.

The complete anti-creator route.

Crowd-funding meets the crowd-following

That’s where Kickstarter’s proven model of crowdfunding comes in:

  • It’s community-focused.

  • It empowers creators to maintain control and ownership.

  • It offers creative freedom and diverse revenue opportunities.

But more than funding — it’s about getting your community together to collectively bring creative visions to life.

And we’ve already seen it in action:

And our very own NYC-based creator, Bryan Reisberg, with his fluffy corgi influencer Maxine, just launched a water bottle for dogs on Kickstarter — check it out!

The backers of these projects aren’t just customers; they’re fans and advocates invested in the creator's success and eager to bring these ideas to life.

Whether you're a creator looking to launch a product, book, film, or something moonshot crazy — Kickstarter offers endless possibilities.

This is the way forward that content creators need and deserve.

My ask for you & the Creator Economy NYC community

I’m excited about this new chapter, collaborating with the Kickstarter team to help content creators launch their ideas to the world with their audience hand in hand.

So, if you or a creator you work with has an idea for the next world-beating creator-led brand, product, or experience, let’s talk about launching it on Kickstarter.


​We’re excited to invite you to our mixer and live interview with one of NYC’s top content creators — Brooke Miccio.

​Brooke is a self-described “Pizza Bagel," who comes from Long Island Jewish-Italian roots and brings the energy that comes along with it. She's amassed a whopping 354K subscribers on her YouTube channel and 134K on Instagram, where she's the co-host of the Gals on the Go podcast and makes content involving vlogs, real-life/advice chats, and more lifestyle-focused content around food, fashion, and beauty.

​During our interview, we'll explore Brooke's unique journey through the world of content creation, insights into growing your channels and audience, and the important question of WHY NYC?

Come mix and connect with fellow creators, marketers, brands, managers, and founders who are shaping the creator economy in NYC.

Space is close to capacity, so RSVP to secure your spot.

​We're teaming up with HelloCreator for a unique virtual event experience (something new!). Join us for a conversation between Pandora’s Founder and HelloCreator's CEO, Tim Westergren, and renowned psychiatrist Dr. Paul M. Conti (Lady Gaga’s psychiatrist) on the psychological implications of creatorship.

​During this convo, Tim and Dr. Conti will explore why burnout is so persistent among creators and what you can do to improve your own creative experience.

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  • Conference: Connect with fellow influencer marketers, creators, and brands at the Influencer Marketing Show, which will take place HERE in NYC June 3-4. Save $50 with the promo code CENYC50. I’ll be moderating a panel there — come hang!

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