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  • Can’t miss creator economy trends for 2024 (from our expert NYC panel)

Can’t miss creator economy trends for 2024 (from our expert NYC panel)


Hey! Welcome to the Creator Economy NYC newsletter — the premier place for all things creator economy in the Big Apple.

Last week, in partnership with Captions, we brought together some of NYC's finest creators, founders, marketers, and managers for a brunch & panel to network and dive into the latest shaping the creator economy. Here’s the recap:

  • 100+ attendees on a Friday at 10am.

  • 100+ bagels eaten on a Friday at 10am.

Tough call which stat is more compelling.

This week, I’m highlighting the top must-know takeaways from our panel, plus some pics for you to check out! Let’s dive in.

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2024 has been crazy for the creator economy — and it's only March.

Last Friday, we sat down to hear from three creator economy experts about their takes on various topics like the proliferation of video content, the power of individuals over institutions, the role of AI, and the impact of a looming TikTok ban. Our panelists included:

There was much to unpack, so let’s get into the 5 must-know takeaways.

1. The prevalence of video content will lead to a resurgence of other content types

Over the past few years, we have seen a rapid rise in video content becoming the dominant content medium. Video is virtually everywhere now. And it makes sense — it’s the most engaging.

Surprising, but not surprising, Linda Yaccarino, CEO of X (aka Twitter), recently announced that “X is becoming a video-first platform.” And just yesterday, it was announced that LinkedIn is testing a dedicated video feed! We’ll see how both of those play out…

But this doesn’t mean other types of content will go away. In fact, the panelists mentioned that we would see a resurgence on the other side, like we’re seeing with Threads (Meta’s microblogging platform) and other longer-form content mediums, like creators leaning into newsletters and blogs or platforms like BeReal with its photo-first nature.

As short-form video has exploded in popularity, it has been difficult to build meaningful connections with audiences, and the algorithms are certainly a headache. So diversifying content beyond video is a move we will continue to see take shape.

Actionable takeaways:

  • Lean into mixed media: Balance your content reach by incorporating blogs, newsletters, and even photos alongside your video content. This diversification caters to different audience preferences and consumption habits, ensuring broader engagement.

  • Diversify distribution channels: Don't rely solely on social media platforms for video distribution. You can incorporate your videos into blog posts, embed them in newsletters, and share them on multiple social media platforms to ensure they reach a wider audience despite algorithmic unpredictability.

2. The shift to stories over spectacle

With the proliferation of video, we’ve also seen a greater shift to more authentic “storytelling over spectacle” content. For example, Mr. Beast recently tweeted, “This past year, I've slowed down our videos, focused on storytelling, let scenes breathe, yelled less, more personality, longer videos, etc. And our views have skyrocketed!”

The panel discussion reinforced the timeless value of storytelling, focusing on the fact that we’re seeing a shift to content that "allows you to consume and learn in better ways versus simply videos that want to evoke a reaction out of you."

This emphasis on storytelling over spectacle champions the idea that the most engaging content educates, entertains, and connects, offering audiences not just a momentary distraction but a meaningful experience. This approach not only enriches the audience's engagement but also solidifies the creator and audience relationship.

Actionable takeaways:

  • Share personal learning journeys: Highlight your own experiences and learnings as part of your content narrative, making content educational, relatable and inspiring.

  • Create content with depth: Focus on developing content that goes beyond surface-level topics, encouraging your audience to think, question, and engage more deeply with your work.

3. Individuals over institutions

The creator economy has heralded a significant shift in influence and trust from traditional institutions to individual creators, underpinned by the growing demand for authenticity and direct engagement with people.

This shift is vividly illustrated by the example of Mark Zuckerberg, who recently reviewed the Apple Vision Pro in his living room as if you were on FaceTime with him. This move not only humanizes a figure often seen in a corporate context but also emphasizes the shift towards content that values personal insights and experiences over formal, institutionally produced messages.

People connect with people!

This reflects a broader movement where individual voices, regardless of their institutional affiliations, carve out significant spaces of influence through authentic engagement and personal storytelling.

The panelists also referenced Duolingo as a brand succeeding with a "personality first mindset," which exemplifies how both individuals and companies can thrive by prioritizing genuine engagement over surface-level appeal.

Actionable takeaways:

  • Leverage personal branding: Whether you're a solo content creator or a professional within a larger organization, focus on building a strong personal brand that reflects your authentic self and values. Leverage platforms like LinkedIn or TikTok to share your stories and perspectives.

  • Share behind-the-scenes insights: Like Zuckerberg's informal review, sharing behind-the-scenes content or providing personal takes on professional topics can humanize your brand and make your content more relatable to your audience.

4. The integral role of AI in enhancing creativity

AI's role in the creator economy was a focal point, with discussions on its potential to democratize content creation by assisting creators. While there's skepticism about AI diluting authenticity, the consensus of the panel was that AI should be viewed as an enabler in the creative process.

By treating AI as an assistant in the creative process, creators can leverage these technologies to refine their storytelling and production without losing their unique voice. That’s where Captions comes in.

Gaurav's observation, "AI is just getting started with video and audio," highlights the untapped potential of AI in content creation. We are only at the beginning of discovering how AI can augment the creative industry.

Actionable takeaways:

  • AI as a tool: Utilize AI for tasks like content ideation, editing, and analysis, allowing you more time to focus on creative aspects.

  • Balance and blend: Find the right balance between AI assistance and personal input. Ensure your content retains its human essence, with AI serving to enhance rather than replace your creativity.

5. Navigating the uncertain future of TikTok

The elephant in the room at the panel was, of course, TikTok. There is a looming ban on the platform and a lot of fearmongering around it’s future. Regardless of what happens, TikTok is a platform that people think of when they hear “creator economy,” so there are some key discussion points that impact the broader ecosystem.

The uncertainty of its banning underscores the importance of adaptability and diversification in a creator's strategy. The panelists discussed that to prepare for a landscape without TikTok, creators (and brands) should explore alternative platforms and content formats, ensuring their online presence and audience engagement remains strong regardless of individual platforms’ future.

Building a multi-platform presence and nurturing a direct relationship with your audience can mitigate risks associated with platform dependency.

Actionable takeaways:

  • Diversify your presence: Establish your presence across multiple platforms to safeguard against the volatility of any single platform.

  • Build direct channels: Develop direct communication channels with your audience (e.g., newsletters) to ensure continuous engagement regardless of platform changes.

I hope you enjoyed these takeaways. You can also relive the event as if you were there by viewing pictures of the event here, thanks to the legend SonoVisuals. I highly recommend him if you need a photographer!

I also want to give a huge shoutout to a few community members who stepped up to volunteer their time and energy to ensure the event ran smoothly: Mel Lim, Juliana Ciesla, Jessie Collier, and Zach Giesbrecht. There are also others who reached out to support: Nick Maggiore, Theresa Joseph, Simran Tank, Ryan Mulcock, Yoshi Kondo, Emily Frenkel, and Andrea Korab. It takes a village!

Post-event, I remain in awe of the continued passion, innovation, and, incredible kindness of those building in this space.

The saying goes, "a rising tide lifts all boats," and never has this been more evident than in the collective effort that's on display here, propelling the creator economy forward.

The future is bright, don't get it twisted!


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Thanks so much for reading! Let me know your favorite takeaway or what you’re most looking forward to playing out by replying back to this email.

See you next week,


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